We are Blue Magnet Interactive
Valuing relationships, reliability, and fun since 2007.

About Blue Magnet

Our Vision

To be the world’s most trusted name in hospitality digital marketing.

Our Mission

To help hospitality professionals better understand and leverage the world of digital marketing.

Our Values


We believe our professional connections lie at the heart of everything we do. We believe our success is determined by the strength of the relationships we forge--within our team, with our partners, and with the web community.


We believe that transparency fosters accountability and trust and keeps us operating in the best interest of our team and our partners.


We believe that passion for our work drives self-improvement and inspires our partners to become participants in their own success.


We believe that team members and partners who understand the world of digital marketing are more engaged in the services we provide. We believe that education breeds innovation, compassion, and a continued drive towards excellence.


We believe that we are motivated to do our best work and to evolve towards perfection when we stand accountable for our actions, good and bad.

Excellence & Reliability

We believe in being extraordinary online marketers. We believe that being "good enough" isn't good enough for us. We hold ourselves to high standards of quality because that's what it takes to be the best digital marketing partner.


We believe that our personal lives and individual goals are important and should always be balanced with our careers.


We believe in infusing fun and humor in our daily operations and in working with our partners. We believe that the best relationships are formed with a laugh.


Together, these values equal...


We believe that only those brands that are trusted by their own teams, their partners, and their customers are truly successful. Trust allows us to operate autonomously in the best interests of those to whom we are accountable.