Digital Hospitality Services
Guests are looking for your hotel, but can they find you?

Hotel Marketing Services

Blue Magnet Interactive offers marketing services for hotels. Our philosophy is these services need to work in concert. Each element assisting the other to achieve greater results for our clients.

The services involved in hotel marketing are:

  • Hotel website design - responsive and adaptive templates
  • Website maintenance - error correction and speed optimization
  • Conversion Optimization - applied best practices of latest optimization knowledge
  • SEO - full funnel keyword research and optimization
  • PPC - campaigns targeting the full search funnel
  • Social Media - brand building tactics and well as community building efforts
  • Reputation Management - review response
  • Email Marketing - improved open and response rates through applied best practices
  • Account Management and Strategy - hands on digital marketing manager to guide the hotel's success

Take a look below to see more detail on each of our hotel marketing services.

Digital Marketing


Blue Magnet's holistic digital marketing services strike the perfect balance of SEO, social media marketing, OTA management, and targeted content creation to grow your hotel's overall online presence. Based upon your hotel's unique strengths and goals, your customized digital marketing strategy will attract your ideal customers from across a variety of digital channels.

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Search Engine Optimization


Blue Magnet's search engine optimization services will give your hotel increased exposure in the ever-competitive search engine results pages. By creating good content, generating strong referral traffic, and maintaining a technically sound website structure, your improved visibility in organic search results will translate to increased bookings and revenue for your hotel.

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Social Media Marketing


Blue Magnet's social media services will allow your hotel to directly engage with recent and potential guests, build brand awareness, and grow your online community. Based upon your hotel's unique strengths and goals, we'll help you to decide which channels will be most effective in connecting with your ideal guest.

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Website Design & Development


Blue Magnet's website design and development services will help your property to shine in the digital world. Our unique, easy-to-navigate, hotel website templates will highlight the strengths and uniqueness of your property and will help you to attract your ideal guests. With the ability to track how users engage with your website, Blue Magnet can optimize your content for maximum bookings.

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Paid Digital Advertising


Blue Magnet's paid digital advertising services will allow you to target specific search terms and help you to drive highly qualified visits to your hotel's website. By running pay-per-click advertisements, your hotel will see increased visibility on Google's highly-competitive search results pages and added traffic to your website.

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Email Marketing


Blue Magnet's email marketing services allow your hotel to deliver unique content directly to the inboxes of potential and returning customers. An effective email marketing campaign gives you a customizable platform to promote on-property specials, connect with your audience, inform your guests of the latest news, and drive bookings to your hotel.

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