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Search Engine Optimization

Your hotel's website needs more traffic and needs to do a better job converting site visitors into hotel guests. Hotel's are using digital marketing to improve direct bookings, but the competition for search queries in increasing. If your hotel is in a competitive market, your Google analytics may have shown your website slip in search traffic and rankings drop due to your competitors becoming more aggressive with their digital marketing efforts.

Blue Magnet Interactive provides comprehensive SEO services for the hospitality industry.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Spas
  • Recreation and Tourism
  • And other related businesses

The SEO services Blue Magnet provides include:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO and sales copywriting
  • On-page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link acquisition
  • Conversion optimization

Blue Magnet goes beyond rewriting page title tags and meta descriptions by creating conversion funnels on the website to do more with the web traffic the site is currently getting.

To increase relevant traffic to the site, we perform keyword research to make sure we have content on the site for Top-of-the-Funnel, Middle-of-the-Funnel, and Bottom-of-the-Funnel. Effective hotel marketing reaches potential guests at every stage of their buying journey and the keyword optimization strategy -- the search funnel aligns with these stages.

Effective and Efficient Digital Marketing
with Pragmatic SEO

Blue Magnet's principles of optimization focus on taking the actions delivering the most significant and sustainable results. Please check out our SEO case studies below to see how we've delivered results for clients in the past.

To start seeing gains in search traffic for your hotel and to start seeing improvements in direct revenue from your website, complete the contact form on this page. Once you've given us your basic information, one of Blue Magnet's experienced associates will arrange a call with you to discuss your needs. During the call, we will explain how Blue Magnet will help your website perform better in organic search using proven hotel SEO strategy.

Are You Ready to Get More
From Your SEO?

Blue Magnet website marketing clients grew their traffic by 12% in the first half of 2017.

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If there’s anything that SEO’s can be assured of, it’s that things will change tomorrow, that things will change next week. No one is better prepared to handle change than we are. -Rand Fishkin

Blue Magnet's SEO Service

On-Page Optimization

Using keyword research, Blue Magnet adjusts page titles, headers, image alt tags, and page copy to provide the best information related to the topic being optimized for.

Process includes bi-annual Health and Opportunity audits as well as monthly page audits and updates as needed

Off Page Optimization

An initial focus on relevant link sources is followed by an in-depth link parity audit where we identify and pursue indentified opportunities.

Process includes an annual Link Parity audit and up to 4 link acquisition reports.

Technical SEO

On a monthly basis, the website is reviewed for site speed, site errors, and bad links.

Site errors, broken links, spelling errors, form health, and site back-ups are performed monthly.

Local SEO

Blue Magnet builds out listings on all the major local aggregators (Acxiom, Infogroups) which filters down to dozens of other sites using Moz Local. Additional citations are created on hotel specific sites as well in order to improve the hotel's performance in the Local Pack on Google.

Duplicate listings and incorrect NAPU are handled through Moz Local.

Voice Search Optimization

Through the use of industry standard data mark-up (schema) and guidance from Moz and SEMRush, we optimize the information on hotel websites to be used by Google in their search engine results page features, like answer boxes to get our clients in the coveted Position 0 on the SERP.

Conversion Optimization

Pages on the site are audited and updated to improve the conversion rate of the page or the site as a whole.

Internal linking is analyzed to keep web visitors in the sales funnel, moving them towards high converting pages whenever possible and whenever it serves the visitors best interest.

We also perform an annual Internal Link audit to verify the site is guiding visitors through the strongest path of conversion.

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